We are all in search of the perfect brows, and with crazes such as ‘3D Brows’ and ‘Threading’ hitting the market recently, everyone is weighing up the best option. However, as great as these treatments may be, they are only short lived, and will require you to fork out again and again to maintain ‘the look’. A semi-permanent solution however last a lot longer and can be tailored toyour own skin pigmentation, giving you the best possible results.

Can you fix badly tattooed eyebrows?

We most certainly can in 90% of cases. We will be able to rework the brows in order to colour them more naturally or reshape in order toget the best shape for your face and eyes.

How do you do it?

Our famous eyebrows on not solid, blocks of colour. At Jo Taroni, we apply tiny, individual hair strokes in different shades of pigment to create a 3D effect. You will be amazed at how realistic they look!