What is Anti Wrinkle treatment?

The objective of this cosmetic procedure is the temporary improvement of dynamic wrinkles or expression lines caused by the action of certain muscles in adults specifically the area between the eyebrows, wrinkles around the eyelids and frontal wrinkles. A anti wrinkle injection can also be used for facial reshaping; for example, repositioning the brow to give lift and correcting asymmetrical facial features.

Anti Wrinkle Prices

1 Area £175

2 Areas £225

3 Areas £275

Fillers such as Restylane are modern medical implants designed to fill out and smooth away lines, wrinkles and folds and to add volume to lips. Restylane is an excellent treatment for nasal furrows, smile lines, lip enhancement and facial contouring (such as cheeks and chins).

Filler Prices

Our filler prices vary, depending on what area is needed to be treated and what product needs to be used.

1 Restylane 1ml £300

2 Restylane Lip 1ml £320

3 Perlane 1ml £360

4 Juvederm Ultra 1,2,3,4 & Kiss – prices vary, please call

5 Radiesse Volumising Filler (face or hands) – prices start from £300

Cheek Augmentation – prices start from £500

Liquid V Facelift – prices start from £250

Mesotherapy – reducing fine lines and wrinkles while rehydrating the skin – prices start from £250